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Cloud solutions for the small to medium size business

Perth IT company bringing the power of the cloud to Small Business.

Cloud solutions for the small to medium size business

Perth IT company bringing the power of the cloud to Small Business

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Why your business should be in the cloud

Over 90% of large companies in Australia have already embraced cloud solutions for their day-to-day operations, while Small to Medium size businesses may still question why they should switch— so here is why!

abc 360

All in one business cloud solution

Are you looking for effective ways to boost productivity, collaboration, and communication in your business? The Abiko Business Cloud 360 (ABC360) plan is a must have for the modern business wanting to gain a competitive edge. Perfect for SME!

Sole Trader

Why Sole Traders Need Microsoft 365

For a sole trader or self-employed individuals, leveraging the right tools and solutions is vital to streamline operations, enhance productivity, and stay competitive. One such...

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Windows 365 Cloud PC

Windows 365 Cloud PC

What is Microsoft's Windows 365 Cloud PC? What are some of its benefits, and use cases for businesses. Everything You Need to Know About Windows...

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Some of our Services

Managed Services

Engage our Managed Services to reduce your operating expenses, receive customised IT support, and free up your time to focus on your business.

Microsoft 365 Strategy

This comprehensive audit of your Microsoft 365 environment will provide recommendations that will facilitate alignment with industry and best practices.

Mobile Device Management

Cloud based Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management using Microsoft Intune. Control how your organisation's devices are used. Allow people in your organisation to use their personal devices for school or work

Migration Service

Securely move data to Microsoft 365 automatically or on a schedule. You can migrate from the cloud or from on-premises to your destination of choice: Office 365 Teams, Groups, Exchange, OneDrive or SharePoint.

Microsoft 365 Security Assessment

Our Microsoft 365 Security Assessment will help determine the current state of your Microsoft 365 security and create a prioritised, actionable security roadmap for your business.

Microsoft 365

Stay connected and get things done

Cloud Backup

To ensure your Microsoft 365 data is secure, we’ll run backups up to four times a day. Every day. Recover anytime you want .

Microsoft 365 Staff Training

Tailored training for your staff. Excellent for new starters or introduction of new products. Video recording and custom guides available.

Information Protection

Protect your business data with Data Loss Prevention. Help identify and safeguard sensitive data by preventing staff inappropriately sharing it with people who should not have it.


Can you help us migrate to Microsoft 365?

Yes, our experienced engineers will securely migrate your email to Microsoft 365 from multiple legacy systems with minimal downtime to your business.

Do you sell Microsoft 365 licenses

Yes, as a Microsoft Cloud Solutions Provide (CSP) we can supply and manage your M365 subscriptions.

Are you based in Australia?

Yes, Abiko Group is a Perth based and Australian owned company.

How can you help us support are staff working from home or remotely?

Following recent global events working from home is now common practice. Abiko Group supports small-to-medium Enterprise (SME) with cloud-based solutions that enable staff to securely work from anywhere, on any device, anytime. Check out our popular ABC360 plan.

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Abiko Group

Abiko Group is a Perth IT Company that works with small businesses to help them harness the power of the Cloud. We are here to help you with IT Security, Productivity, Communication, and Collaboration.