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Migration as a Service

Migration as a Service (MaaS)

Microsoft 365 is the productivity cloud designed to help you pursue your passion and run your business. More than just apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft 365 brings together best-in-class productivity apps with powerful cloud services, device management, and advanced security, in one connected experience.

There are many benefits to migrating to Microsoft 365 including:
Boost productivity

Increase productivity with intelligent tools built into the Office you love along with enterprise grade email and file storage. Work efficiently with integration with other apps and solutions you use daily.

Collaborate better

Collaborate, share, and communicate better with flexible tools that go where the team goes. Connect with customers, co-workers, and suppliers. Host online meetings to get work done in real-time.

Build your business

Build stronger customer relationships with CRM built right into Outlook. Schedule and manage appointments with your customers with Bookings. Optimise your business processes with Planner

Safeguard your data

Protection from threats. Protection from data leaks. Control data access.

Our Migration Service will move data to Microsoft 365 automatically or on a schedule. Whether you migrate in bulk or bit by bit, it won’t impact end users. You can migrate from the cloud or from on-prem to your destination of choice: Office 365 Teams, Groups, Exchange, OneDrive or SharePoint.

Use cases include:
  • Google Workspace to Microsoft 365
  • Gmail to Exchange Online
  • Google Drive to SharePoint/OneDrive
  • Dropbox to SharePoint/OneDrive
  • One M365 tenant to another
  • Slack to Microsoft Teams
  • On-premises Exchange to Exchange Online 
  • File server to SharePoint/OneDrive
Migration to Microsoft 365

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