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Cybersecurity for Small Business

It’s crucial for small business owners to prioritise cybersecurity in order to safeguard their clients and brand. Here are are 6 practical steps to improve cybersecurity for small business:

1. Recognise the Threat

Understanding the threats your small business is exposed to is the first step in securing it. This includes being informed about prevalent online dangers like malware, phishing scams, and ransomware.

2. Strong Passwords

Make sure that all of your devices and accounts have strong passwords, and think about using a password manager to help you create and save different passwords.

3. Updates

To ensure that you have the most recent protection against online attacks, keep all of your software and security measures up to date.

4. Educate

Ensure that your staff understands the significance of cybersecurity and instructs them on how to spot and avoid online attacks.

5. Data Protection

Put security measures in place to safeguard sensitive data, including encryption, secure servers, and access restrictions.

6. Plan

Your business is a target for Cyber criminals. It is important to have a plan in place to minimise damaage and restore operations as quickly as possible. This should involve actions like consistently backing up data.

By following and implementing these steps you can start safeguarding your business and clients from cyber threats. 

Here at Abiko Group we offer our clients an effective Security Assessment that will help determine the current state of your security and create a prioritised, actionable security roadmap for your business.

At Abiko Group we specialise in IT for Small Business in Perth and Australia wide. Contact us to day for more information on how we can protect your business from cyber threats.