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Essential 8. Are you compliant?

ACSC Essential Eight

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) developed Essential Eight strategies to help organisations protect Microsoft Window-based networks against various cyber threats. 

The Essential Eight strategies  are:

  1. Application Control
  2. Patch Applications
  3. Configure Microsoft Office Macro Settings
  4. User Application Hardening
  5. Restrict Administrative Privileges
  6. Patch Operating Systems
  7. Multi-Factor Authentication
  8. Regular Backups

To assist with the implementation of the Essential Eight, the ACSC has defined four maturity levels (Maturity Level Zero to Four). The maturity level assists in determining the security posture of your organisation as well as measures to strengthen its defences.  


The Assessment

The Essential Eight Assessment is a five-day engagement led by an Abiko consultant that includes up to two days on-site with the customer. The audit will assist you understand your present security maturity and defensive posture.

The assessment will kick-off with a discovery session to learn about your organisation and goals. A technical workshop will be held to go over Application whitelisting, Application Patching, Microsoft Office Macros, Application Hardening, Administrator Rights, Operating System Patching, Multi-factor Authentication, and Backups.

Abiko consultant will collect analyse information relating to each of these controls and produce a detailed report. This report illustrate the current and future recommended state of your organisations security posture. The report will also include a roadmap for the future state will be produced that will include estimated cost and time. This report will be presented in a final workshop.

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