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Microsoft 365 for Legal

Microsoft 365 for Legal

Microsoft 365 for Legal helps Law firms realise their full potential using the most secure cloud and leveraging Microsoft Teams in a way that is curated and configurable to meet their requirements. 

The goal of Microsoft 365 for Legal is to address the concerns over blind subpoenas while helping Law Firms realize their full potential using the most secure cloud and leverage Microsoft Teams in a way that is curated and configurable to meet those requirements.

If data accidentally lands in SharePoint or OneDrive, we can leverage file encryption technology to ensure that it is illegible to Microsoft (rendering it worthless to the blind subpoena) and only usable by you. The solution recognises that each Law Firm is unique and have their own level of comfort with the cloud.  So we also created an approach that can be modified to accommodate the needs and unique requirements that each Law Firm feels ready to adopt.

The 4-phased approach to your journey to Microsoft Teams leverages Microsoft 365 security and compliance tools.

A prescriptive, 4-phased process that carefully considers security, risk, and data privacy considerations that drive organisational change for law firms and consolidation of tools with Microsoft 365 & Teams.

✅ New Functionality enabled
🚫Functionality turned off
➖ Existing Functionality

Phase 1: Enable

✅ Instant Messaging/Chat in Teams, with custom retention policies for deletion

✅ Teams Modern Meetings

✅ Peer to Peer, Group Calling (VOIP)

✅ Basic Presence in Teams

✅ Teams Modern Mobile App, Win10, Mac

➖ Outlook still drives communication

➖ Lawyers still using DMS solution only, and as a standalone/disparate solution

➖  Personal file storage still limited to local devices

🚫 OneDrive and SharePoint are turned OFF.  No document sharing in Teams / Office 365 due to client matter data concerns and requirements

Phase 2: Empower

✅ All of Phase 1 Teams Functionality, plus

✅ DMS (agnostic) native integration into Teams

✅ Security & Compliance tools in place for data protection and governance (DLP, Ethical Walls, etc.)

✅ OneDrive & SharePoint ON for appropriate audiences, allowing real-time co-authoring, sharing, and collaboration, with non-client matter data

✅ Cloud storage liberating SharePoint and OneDrive policies with native DLP integration, plus Bring Your Own & Double Key Encryption/Retention

✅ Threaded conversations, persistent chat

✅ Modern Meeting Recordings w/ Real-time Transcription and Translation, also in 1:1 calls

➖ Outlook and Teams for communication

➖ Leverage existing telephony service side-by-side during migration

Phase 3: Differentiate

✅ Federation with select partners, clients for external chat capabilities

✅ External/guest access for real-time collaboration with clients in Teams

✅ PowerBI data visualization, dashboards and integration in Teams w/ MIP/DLP built-in

✅ O365 app integration into Teams, such as Planner, Whiteboard, etc.

✅ Power Apps, Power Automate workflows built into and flowing through Teams

✅ PSTN calling, Telephony for select users

➖ Digital and analog stations during migration to Teams

➖ Outlook for targeted communication

➖ Teams for consistent communication

Phase 4: Transform

✅ Nearly all business processes are flowing through Teams

✅ Chat bots, Power Virtual Agents are enabled for modern intelligence

✅ PowerApps, Power Automate workflows with advanced third-party applications integration

✅ Client dashboards, client-focused Teams, customized channels helping to support client needs and deliver client value

✅ Business operations, financial insights and client insights flowing through Teams with PowerBI, Power Platform, and Aderant or Elite

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