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Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP)

What is the Microsoft CSP program?

CSP stands for Cloud Solution Provider and the CSP program enables partners, like Abiko Group, to sell Microsoft’s cloud services to its customers. However, it is more than a licensing program. The CSP model is designed for the partner to add value to its customers’ cloud experience via support, billing flexibility and advice. With this program, a customer effectively has a buy, or pay, as you go consumption arrangement via the partner, rather than directly with Microsoft.

CSP Benefits

  • One partner looking after all your Microsoft cloud licenses and drawing on our expertise and skills to enable you to maximise the benefits of your investment.
  • Flexibility – You only pay for what you want or use.
  • Monthly Billing – Each month you receive a bill directly from Abiko Group for the M365 licenses/ Azure services used.
  • No upfront billing there are no upfront licencing costs, unlike EA and Open Licence.
  • Consumption reporting – together with your bill we provide consumption reporting.
  • Local Support – As your CSP Partner we are point of contact in case of a problem (technical, billing, & subscription).
  • Competitive pricing –Potential discounts from RRP.

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