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Why Microsoft 365®

Top challenges for small and medium-sized businesses

How can we do distributed work better?

How can we
maintain security?

How can we
reduce our costs?

Employees working from multiple locations

Multitude of personal and mobile devices 

Increased phishing and ransomware

Microsoft 365® has been designed to empower small and medium-sized businesses, combining collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams with advanced security, identity management, device management, and data protection. Its bring together your favourite productivity tools from Word, Excel, Outlook and Microsoft Teams and long with advanced remote access, security, backup – basically one solution that has all that you need to run and grow your business while having peace of mind that your business information is protected.

So let’s talk about the ways Microsoft 365® can help you run your business- keeping employees productive and business data secure.  

Legacy communication tools

Your employees need to communicate with management on pricing options for customers and vendors to close a big deal but have legacy communication tools and sending attachments is makes it hard to collaborate in real time and creates versioning issues. Plus, they end up using different tools and apps for document creation, communication and storage which creates a lot of back and forth, slowing down work and productivity.

Collaborate in real-time

With the Microsoft 365® your employees can use Microsoft Teams to collaborate in real-time. They can talk, chat, share files and all see the same screen at the same time AND, they can coauthor documents in real-time, giving them time back to focus on addressing new business opportunities and closing more deals.

Microsoft 365

Unauthorised access to work data

Your employees need access to work data as they work from home or on the go. However, bad actors outside the circle of trust may try to gain access to work information, for example by stealing passwords and trying to gain access to the work data from another country.

Enable secure access to work data

With the Microsoft 365® you can apply advanced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Conditional Access policies, to help ensure that only the right people have the right access to work data, whenever and wherever they need. For example, with Conditional Access and MFA, you can set policies to block access or require additional authentication when you see an attempt to login from a country you don’t do business in.


Hackers can use ransomware to encrypt your organisation’s files, demanding payment for the encryption “key”. You must either pay up or lose your data, which could result in business closure.

Protect against ransomware

With the Microsoft 365® your devices are protected with features that prevents unauthorized access to common folders such as Desktop or Documents.  This means that unauthorized apps, scripts, and executable files won’t be allowed access, so ransomware that attempts to encrypt your files in these locations will be blocked. The Advanced Email protection feature also provide protection from malicious attachments or link in email messages.

Phishing Attacks

Your employees may receive emails with links to a secure document from a well known organisation. Clicking on the link and entering their credentials to view the document will compromise their credentials as this could be a phishing attack. Hackers will then have access to the employee’s email and other online accounts, including your organisations systems and data.

Microsoft 365

Sophisticated phishing defenses

With the Microsoft 365® your employees receive an email with a link to a secure document. The link is “sandboxed” and the user is alerted of the threat. Microsoft uses artificial intelligence to identify and protect against emerging threats in real-time. Microsoft’s wide network of threat intelligence, machine learning models, plus seasoned threat experts who have deep understanding of malware, cyberattacks, and attacker motivation, to combat a wide range of attacks.

Accidental data loss or data breach

Anyone can download a confidential document and leave the organisation.

Secure sensitive data

Automatically detect and protect financial, medical and health, and privacy information.

With the Microsoft 365® you can create policies to automatically identify sensitive information in your organization and assign it protective actions such as

  • warns users that they may be trying to share a sensitive item inappropriately
  • block sharing/download

Automatically encrypts confidential documents and makes them only accessible to certain company employees. The file can only be viewed by an employee who must use their active credentials to decrypt the file. This protection stays with the document even if it is saved outside the company. If an employee leaves the company, they will not be able to open the document as their credentials will no longer be active.

Work data on personal devices

While checking company email on their personal phone, your employee could accidentally save confidential documents to a personal share which is not secure.

Protect work data on personal devices

With the Microsoft 365® you can set up Intune App Protection Policies, so work apps can be separated from personal apps. You can specify that work documents and attachments are only saved on authorized and secure work share like OneDrive for Business, safeguarding sensitive work information.

Additional benefits
  • Flexibility. Only pay for what you use. Increase or decrease the number of licenses as your business demands change.
  • One bill. A single monthly bill with no need to use credit cards online
  • No upfront billing. You will be invoiced at the end of the month. No upfront licensing costs.
  • Simple per user cost model
Feature Description
Premium Office Apps
Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Publish, Access, plus more..
Sync across 5 devices
Each user can install Office on 5 devices, corporate workstations and personal PCs
Microsoft Teams
Chat, Video/Audio meetings, collaboration
OneDrive for Business
Easily store, access, and share files. 1TB per user
Bookings App
Allow your customers to book time in your calendar
Planner App
Manage projects and tasks with your team
Multi-Factor Authentication
Require users to provide addition identity verification to protect corporate data.
Advanced Email Protection
Protect email and collaboration with Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spoofing, Malware Detection, Safe Attachments, Safe Links.
Email encryption
Only allow the intended recipient to be able to read the contents of an email you send.
Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
Prevent sensitive information from being shared outside your organisation. Comply with regulations such as Australian Privacy Act, Payment Card Industry (PCI), Protected Health Information (PHI), Personally Identifiable Information (PII), financial information, etc.
Mobile Device Management (MDM)
Your data is vulnerable to being shared outside of your company’s networks if your employees access email on their mobile devices. A data breach doesn’t have to be as serious as a hacker gaining access to your financial information; it might be as easy as an employee forwarding a screenshot of an angry client to a friend. Data protection keeps company data from leaking out of the M365 apps where it’s stored, preventing leaks before they happen.
Premium Office Apps
Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Publish, Access, plus more..
Self-Service Password Reset
Enable users to securely reset their passwords on their own.
Auto Email Signatures*
Full, dynamic and professional email signatures across any device or mail client, including mobiles, Macs, and Outlook on the web (OWA). Easily add elements such as social media icons, promotional banners, email disclaimers and corporate headshots. You can even run email signature marketing campaigns targeted by sender, department, date and more.
Cloud backup*
Keep backups of your Microsoft 365 content outside of your cloud provider, with unlimited Azure cloud storage included, to recover from ransomware attacks or other losses.

* Only available with Abiko Group’s Ultimate M365 Business Package.